Promoting the Religious Emblems Program

One of the Wood Badge goals we had to set for ourselves was a "Diversity" goal. Since my focus on my Wood Badge ticket was solely with the Catholic Committee on Scouting, I chose as my diversity goal to set out and promote the overall religious emblems program. This program encompasses over 38 religions and just about every possible major faith.

As I am a strong believer in not reinventing the wheel, I found that the most recognized source of religious emblems programs is the one found on the website. BSA also refers anyone interested in learning more about the religious emblem program to their website. On that website are many resources for adults and leaders to present and educate their units on the program. I researched their resources and used their wonderful Powerpoint presentation (with my own adaptations) in all of my presentations.

My initial targeted audience was to be the council's University of Scouting as well as my own district of Forks, where I gave the presentation at the monthly Roundtable meeting. Overall, I was very pleased and excited to see the response from the leaders about the program. It certainly seems that there are way too many leaders who know nothing about this program and it is an area that can certainly grow if only we take the time to invest in it.

Somehow word got out, perhaps from University of Scouting, but I was soon asked to make the presentation at two additional district Roundtable meetings. One for Trexler District and the other for South Mountain District. At both meetings I again got a wonderful response from the leaders who showed great interest and curiosity about the program. Overall, I would say that the presentation was given to at least 90 Scout leaders and was a huge success.

Religious Emblems Power Point Presentation

Below is the link to the website as well as a downloadable version of the presentation that I gave. Feel free to visit the website and to download my presentation as well.

Click HERE to visit the website.

Click on the image of my presentation to download the PPT file.Religious Emblems PPT Presentation