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Structure of the diocesan committee
It is the goal of the Allentown Catholic Committee on Scouting to adopt and follow the guidelines as set forth by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. Upon formation this page will be updated to reflect the current organization and persons responsible for each position. Until that time, we have posted here the National Catholic Committee on Scouting's instructions for the formation of a committee.

The diocesan Catholic committee on Scouting, embracing such local subcommittees as needed,shall include the following:

  • Diocesan chaplain
  • Diocesan chairman
  • Associate diocesan chaplain -Where possible, one for each BSA council represented in the diocese.
  • Associate diocesan chairman -Where possible, one for each BSA council represented in the diocese.
  • Subcommittee chairmen for each of the following and, where possible, a volunteer representative from each BSA council present in the diocese.
    • Religious emblems
    • Religious activities
    • Membership
    • Training
    • Communications/publicity
  • Members-at-large as needed to carry out the religious and Scouting programs.
  • The chartered organization representative from each Catholic-chartered organization should serve as a member of the diocesan Catholic committee (or sub-committee for council service).
  • Secretary and/or treasurer -depending on committee needs.
  • Youth members -optional. Responsible, mature Scout leaders can be valuable liaisons and give input to program.
Note: All members of the committee must be registered as members of the BSA.

Diocesan sub-committees for council service:
Each diocese that incorporates more than one BSA council must determine how each council is to be represented and served by the diocesan committee.

  • Where deemed appropriate by the diocesan Catholic committee on Scouting, diocesan sub-committees may be formed to serve council needs.
  • Diocesan sub-committees for council service, as extensions of the diocesan committee, promote, support, and strengthen Scouting in Catholic-chartered organizations and help local councils achieve goals and objectives.
  • Where a diocesan sub-committee for council service is formed, the associate diocesan chairman should represent the council to the diocesan committee. Associate diocesan chairmen should be appointed by the diocesan chairman and be delegated specific responsibilities by the diocesan chairman and chaplain.
  • An important job of the diocesan Catholic committee on Scouting is to ensure that each of its sub-committees is organized properly and receives the guidance, motivation, and direction needed to do the job intended effectively.